Special Events with an emphasis on Balanced Music.
Special Events with an emphasis on Balanced Music.
In those special events we intentionally create a proportional balance in the music between melodic, lyrical and improvisational tunes and high energy rhythmic uptempo pieces.
Dancers have the opportunity to explore in more depth the lyrical, improvisational aspects of World Dance, more than during the regular evenings.
The energy of the music and of the sequencing resembles more the 5 ritmes waves though we do not follow the 5 ritmes format strictly.

The quote below is from the letter we received from one of the dancers who expressed her experience of our previous balanced music evening as follows:
Special Events with High Energy Music.
In those special events we intentionally give more emphasis to high energy uptempo music but always mixed in with those multivariate, multiethnic, resting breaks.
Come and enjoy an ecstatic and uplifting blend of global dance beats, sprinkled with funky jazz, funk, trance, crossover techno, soulful house and more.
By creating those events we hope that by the end of the evening you have experienced the joy and celebration of those energetic ecstatic peaks and that you felt you have danced your heart out.

Creating World Dance as a Volunteer.

In addition to the fun, the magic on the dance floor and the wonderful atmosphere, World Dance is also about building community.
Over the years World Dance has attracted a wonderful group of dancers who sometimes participate in cocreating it.
It is a way to meet new people and socialize by creating a beautiful event for the community (it is totally on volunteer basis and people participate only when they would like to for exchange of free entrances and drinks). From time to time we also have fun by organizing potluck dinners before the dance and other fun activities. Please inform the host person at the door of your interest to join our volunteer group.

Open Paid Positions at World Dance
We now have the following paid positions open: manager of World Dance events and building up and taking down crew.
If you are interested in any of those positions please contact us at

Bring a Friend New to World Dance
Receive a Free Entrance There is nothing more refreshing on the dance floor than to see a nice balance between dancers who are by now the World Dance "die hearts" (the heartbeat of World Dance) and who come to the events almost every time and those who are there for the first time. In order to encourage a continuous influx of new people, World Dance is offering a free entrance to you (or to your friend) if you bring a friend who visits World Dance for the first time. We welcome also and encourage any publicity of the dance through virtual communities such Facebook, etc. So if you are a member of such communities and wish to spread the word to your network about World Dance, that's again a great way to keep the WD magic going and reaching more people in our community.

Web Designers Most Welcome.
As part of the effort to continuously improve the dance, we are now looking to upgrade and redesign our website. If you have web designing skills and wish to help the redesigning of the World Dance website for exchange of free entrances to the dance, please write to us at